It’s time to double check your School Support Designation!

Protect and promote Catholic education – Ensure you are registered as a Catholic Separate School Supporter

Did you know?

      • That you need to be registered as an English Separate School Supporter to attend a York Catholic elementary school?

      • That you need to be registered as an English Separate School Supporter to vote for our York Catholic District School Board Trustees in the upcoming municipal election on Monday, October 24, 2022?
      • That you help to protect and promote Catholic Education when you declare yourself a Separate School Supporter?
      • That every time you move, your previous support designations defaults to public support?

It’s time to double check your School Support Designation!

Ensuring you are registered as a separate school supporter is important for the protection and reservation of Catholic education in Ontario. As a registered Catholic school supporter, you have the opportunity to elect trustees who will represent and address your interests and concerns at the school board level and at various levels of the government.

Registering your Catholic school support ensures your school board’s assessment roll is accurate. This is important because:

      • Your school board’s assessment base is a public record of the breadth of support for Catholic schools;
      • It helps track demographic trends for educational planning purposes, like areas in need of new schools;
      • It guarantees your right to enroll your children in our Catholic schools.

How to check if you are registered:

There are different ways you can check how your school support is designated:

    1. Visit, an online service created by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to check the accuracy of your voter information. You can also update and change your information and preferences using the website.
    2. Check your latest Tax Bill or Property Assessment Notice.
    3. Call your Municipal Clerk’s Office to inquire how to check the local list of electors. If your name is not on the list of electors or if the information is incorrect (e.g., name, address or school support data missing or incorrect) you should:
      1. Update your information using the website, or
      2. Go to the municipal offices for your community and fill out an application to be added to the list or to correct information. Proof of identification may be required.
      3. Download, complete and mail in the forms on our Board website at: