Catholic School Council

The Catholic School Council is an advisory body whose mission is to enhance the education of our children in a faith-centered environment in partnership with the school, parish, community and home.


Chair Maria Crupi
Vice-Chair Rose Goulart
Treasurer Maria Scaccia
Secretary Sandy Vieira-Gallo
Principal Vittoria Iannetta
Parent Representative(s)
  • Budget: Sandy Vieira-Gallo
  • Communication: Sandy Vieira Gallo
  • Constitution: Julie Delorme
  • Faith: Teresa Greco
  • Finance: Maria Scaccia
  • Fundraising: Rose Goulart
  • Julie Delorme
  • Healthy Schools: Steve Manno, Isabel Barker
  • Hot Lunch: Gisele Lupo
  • Safety: Rola Tams, Daniela Parlagreco
  • Social: Susanna Ariganello, Ottavio Ariganello
  • Volunteer: Rola Tams
  • Yearbook: Rola Tams
Teacher Representative(s) Lina Giacomelli, Terrie Dinopoulos, Daniela Paolella
Non-Teaching Representative(s)
Parish Representative(s) Teresa Greco