Education Week 2024: We Are Called to Love

Education Week 2024: We Are Called to Love

Each year during Catholic Education Week, Ontario’s Catholic community engages in a week-long celebration of the unique identity and distinctive contributions of publicly-funded Catholic education. This year, Catholic Education Week occurs on May 5-11 with the theme, “We Are Called to Love.” 

The theme was inspired by many aspects of our faith community, including our ongoing efforts to promote equity and inclusion in Catholic schools. Love serves as a guiding principle, reminding us that every individual is cherished and valued in God’s eyes. By embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment, we strive to create a community where all God’s children feel welcomed.

Along with this theme, there are five sub-themes: As people of Hope, Faith, Mercy, Justice and Joy. Each day, students will explore one of these themes in their school. 

This week, the York Catholic District School Board also bestows the Distinguished Alumni Award to celebrate our graduates who have made the world a better place. Click here to learn more about this year’s winners. 

Catholic Education Week coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme of love highlights the importance of supporting one another’s well-being with compassion and empathy. Recognizing that God is love, we are called to extend care and kindness to all our community members, especially those facing mental health challenges.

As we reflect on the blessing of publicly-funded Catholic education, the York Catholic District School Board is happy that you are a member of our community. Thank you for journeying with us as we grow in all areas of our lives. 

Click here to learn more about Catholic Education Week.